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Sizes range from just below the belly button up to your ears, and with a little bit of information, I am happy to help determine which size will work well for you. The larger the hoop, the slower the motion. Small hoops require fast movement and very strong abs, heart, and lungs! Best to start big and work up (or down) to a small, fast hoop.

The size and weight of these hoops make it easy and natural: they seem to want to wrap themselves around your body almost effortlessly!

Prices begin at $45 for a non-collapsible hoop, and $55 for a collapsible hoop. Small kids' hoops begin at $35.

Base price includes two colors, and each additional color is $5.

To add a sparkle/glitter or holographic tape, add $5 to your order.

Hoops can be shipped within the US for a small fee (around $7).

To place an order, contact me via email.

I accept checks and Paypal!